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Reattas in the Fall (Warning for dial-up:pictures)


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It is that time of year, the time for the colors to change, the leaves to fall, and up here in Ontario, only a few weeks left until the Reatta goes into hibernation and surgery for the 6-speed. I live in an area called the Niagara Escarpment, in which we are fortunate enough to have such an elaborate landscape. To me, this means photo ops of the Reatta and the scenery. Here are some of the pictures I ended up with. So lets see who else has been out to enjoy the fall in their Reattas.












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Now that I have new tires on my Reatta, Kitskaboodle and I took our cars for a spin up in the hills (Santa Cruz Mountains) yesterday. It was the first time I've driven the car in any serious twisties. My new Uniroyals never missed a beat. But we admittedly took the twisties at a somewhat leisurely pace (compared to a typical Fiero or Porsche driver :) ). The ride is a massive improvement over the 21 year old Goodyears.

Here is a view from Skyline Blvd - a beautiful, but sometimes deceivingly deadly, stretch of road that runs along the ridgeline of the Santa Cruz Mountains. View is looking down into the San Francisco Bay area over Palo Alto, from about 2000':


Odometer reading on the way home:


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