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1941 WC Warn Hub Removal

Guest Charlied45t

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Guest Charlied45t

Hello I'm doing a restore on a '41 Dodge WC-41. This has FWD with Warn locks. I'm trying to remove the front hubs and have run into a problem pulling the wheel drums. I've attached a pic (I did since remove the bolt and washer) but can't seem to remove the spline. It seems like there are shims behind what appears to be a spacer? between where the lock and the drum is. Does that need to be removed first? Any help is appreciated and thanks in advance.



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Guest De Soto Frank

Looks pretty similar to the Warn "Lok-O-Matic" hubs that were on my '61 Willys pick-up.

I think you have removed the outer-half of the hub, and now need to remove that aluminum (?) collar/spacer that has the spline assembly attached to it. Try tapping a putty-knife into the parting-line between the drum and the spacer, working your way around.

Once you get this out of the way, you should see original Dodge wheel-bearing set-up, which should have some sort of ring/spanner nut on the outer end of things, possibly a lock-washer with a fold-over tab, then a second ring/spanner nut, then a thick washer and finally the wheel-bearing. ( Very much like the floating axle at the rear end of the truck. ).

You might also try contacting Warn Industries, chances are they still have tech info available on these hubs, as Dodge continued producing Power Wagons up into the late 1960's...

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