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Made in U.S.A. Buick V-8 Tune-Up Kits

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Hi, Gang. I have quality, made in U.S.A. Tune-Up Kits available. Each includes an ignition point set, rotor, and condenser. These fit 1957-1973 Buick...all V-8 engines, with the stock Delco window-style distributor.

I have five of the tune-up kits with the separate condenser, and four of the uni-point type, which has the point set and condenser as one unit for ease of changing.

Again, all parts are made in U.S.A. The price is just $17 for each complete tune-up kit, plus $4 shipping anywhere in the U.S.

Please specifiy if you want the three-piece kit (separate points, condenser, and rotor), or the two-piece kit (uni-point set with condenser and points together, and rotor). Thanks. John

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