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50 Chrysler split yoke U-joint


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Before I break something that I can't replace, does anyone have advice on how to remove the u-joint jsut ahead of the differential? I have removed the retainers and have been tightening up on a c-clamp between one end of the joint and an amply sized socket to receive the other side, but nothing budges in the slightest. Am I missing a step?

I am trying to replace the pinion seal and haven't gotten that nut to move either, so this project is taking a bit longer than expected and fall is headed for winter any day now.

Thank you for any info,


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I have replaced many of these Detroit chrysler 6 and 8 cylinder U-Joints up through 1952. I use a Snap on U-Joint press tool/ a press and the old large rercieving socket and a proper sized drift and 2lb hammer to drive out the U-Joint/ caps. They are tight but will come out fine if you know how and have a good mechanics feel to doing these joints. 2 round caps and 2 winged caps. Nothing special about them. Small weak vises and or C clamps won't work.

Use a impact wrench to break loose the pinion nut. The seal can be carefully worked out of the case with a scew driver/small chisel from the outside diameter to force it out-kinda tough job. Don't damage the case bore. I use miller/Snap On tools to do these pinion seal jobs . Prick punch the pinion nut to the pinion shaft before removal so you can tighten the nut right back to where it was plus a very slight turn more. I use a special tool to lock the pinion flange so I can tighten the nut.

I do realize you don't have these tools-but the work can be done carefully and properly with out them- being careful.






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