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Am I dreamer. Looking for Cord 810/812 pop-up headlight


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Dear Mates,

Might be I am dreamer from Russia, but I looking for CORD 810/812 pop-up headlights with dash hand cranks.

But drawing or at least detailed pics will be more than fine, if someone can help ))

Did you ever find what you needed? I just noticed your search and here are patent drawings that may help if you didn't locate spares. Industrial Artifacts Review - Patents - automotive - HC Snow - Cord headlights 1938

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You're quite welcome. Interestingly I just noticed on the very last picture, if you click to enlarge the full-car patent design, you can see the headlight doors were originally intended to be mounted on the highest portion of the fender and slightly inboard on each side, I think the final placement for production is much better.

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