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packard police cars?

Guest 37pac

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while searching the web under packard police cars i came across a photo of a 1937 factory photo of a police car in front of a building on ebay. question? did packard sell police cars? I am trying to figure out why my car has a plate on the left front fender that looks to be factory but not on the right side. on the photo there is a siren or light mounted on the left fender, my packard is a model 1014b, that i understand was used for mostly comercial business.

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Police cars were usually sourced through dealers. Often the contract was put up for bid. Sometimes the choice was based on party affiliation. I heard that back in the twenties in Denver Colorado the police bought either Indian or Harley Davidson motorcycles depending which party won the last election. One dealer being a big Democrat supporter, the other a Republican.

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