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1939 Chrysler Saratoga

Guest Don Manen

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Guest Don Manen

I purchased a 1939 Chrysler Saratoga yesterday- I have already found that it has features I have never seen on the other cars I have restored. And I find there is very little info on this car anywhere.

VIN nr is 6673213 I believe this is nr 31 of 713 cars made that year,

Cowl tag- that I have not found decoding for:

C23SS - 1507

408 - 595 OD

JOB No 26 - 495

The 8 cylinder in this car has been overhauled, runs great, and drives (but won't stop). The upholstry is very bad, the headliner is out and it's bows and headliner frame is a mystery to me--- I need a mentor to walk me through some of these features. I'm not a novice at this game, but never dealt with one of these beasts.

I would really like to know about anyone with a parts car, I understand most of the '39 Chrysler products cars would have headlights that will fit.


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