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1990 buick reatta 4 sale pics on profile

Guest DTM23

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I have a 1990 buick reatta for sale, its a wonderful car i just cant afford to fix it at this point. The engine and trans is in perfect running condition the issue is with the abs system. I drove the car the other day and start the car daily, the brakes work a very little not enough for me. The car was taking to the shop for a brake change which the mechanic did change, jus for him to tell me he think its the abs system, theres also a new battery. The car is a wonderful car and would be a wonderful daily driver or if u already own a reatta a excellent parts car. The only issues with the car is there is a little rust along the rear tire on the drivers side, one head light sometimes has issues coming up the othe has issues going down and the dash goes out sometimes (but that has been a issue for the reatta since it rolled off the line) and a crack in the windshield. I want $800 for it but am willing to negotiate. if interested call dee (734)497-2124 <!-- START CLTAGS -->

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