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1927 Buick Model 58 Body and Job Number


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Does anyone know the correct body and job numbers, for the 1927 Model 58

firewall tag? A friend has this model car and his tag is missing.

Or, does anyone own a 27-58 and could share a picture of their body and job firewall tag, or pass along what the numbers are?

Please help!

Thank you in advance :)

Don B.

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This list - SuperCar Buick body style charts, style numbers, body tag plate - only goes back to 1928 but maybe you can extrapolate something from it by looking at other 1927 cars? Or maybe contact the site concerned and see if they have found the 1927 numbers?

There must be another model 58 somewhere - they built more than 7,000 of them.

I see a picture here - http://www.ebay.com/itm/1927-Buick-Model-58-Coupe-Showroom-Picture-/370128195723

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