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Used car dealer ad from 1924 !

Guest Bluesmobile

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Guest Bluesmobile

I was going through some old family papers and found this classified ad clipping from July 1924, Memphis, TN. Thought you might also find it interesting. Wonder if any of these survived to see 2011 ?

Thos. M. Smart Motor Co.

335 Monroe Ave.


Terms to suit your convenience.

1924 Hupmobile Touring Driven very little fully equipped. This car will move quick for $950.

1924 New Oakland Touring with winter enclosure. An opportunity to purchase a new $1185. car at a big reduction in price. $1000.

1922 Jordan Touring car - Repainted in blue devil blue, appearance and performance perfect. A distinctive high powered six cylinder car that appeals to the purchaser who only wants the best. Price is below the price of a new cheap six. $1150.

1923 Hupp four passenger coupe with many extras. The ideal closed car for the small family. Long life low depreciation low upkeep cost are what would appeal to you in this car. The price is low at $1150.

1922 Grant Roadster in excellent condition, with many extras. Car has received good care by it's former owner. A sacrifice $300.

Ford Coupe, good as new with number of extras. $375.

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