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Hi I have just finished rebuilding a 1937 Cadillac La Salle.

I desperately need info on setting up the carb.

It is a Carter. I can start the engine which runs very rich.

It will only run with the choke almost fully closed.

When I try to open the throttle the engine dies as if starving.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Since I am also In the CLC, maybe I could offer a suggestion. What is the condition of the spark plugs? It sounds as if you have air entering the intake chamber. Check all intake /exhaust manifolds to be certain that no outside air is being drawn in. Leaks in the carburetor base will do the same. Check the float level if the previous tests are complete. Verify by ear that there are no sucking sounds as if a vacuum leak. BTY is the Carter correct? I have only seen Strombergs on 37 -48s. Is the engine original? Ron

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