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Filko and Napa Numbers Translated Please

Jim Bollman

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In scrounging through my back shelves for some new stuff to bring to Hershey I found few items I need to ID.

I use to have Napa and Filko catalogs but can't find them right now. Here is what I have found, all new.

2 Filko Voltage Regulators



Filko Distributor cap 6 cylinder


Napa Exhaust pipe 44240

I have vague memory that the Exhaust pipe is for a 67 6 cylinder Ranchero I owned years ago but not sure.

Hopefully someone has their parts catalogs in better order than mine.


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Thanks, some good resources, but looks like they reused the regulator numbers since one is listed for a much earlier car than this appears to be for and the other one isn't listed.

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Here are some photos to make it appropriate for this thread.


Napa tail pipe had a second number 5786

When I opened for photos VR110HD has a Wells regulator marked VR-699-12v and the box is stamped on the inside as "Not of Our Manufacturing".

That is a 4 foot ruller in the exhaust pipe picture.





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I read the number on the pipe as 44210, not 44240, in which case it fits 1966-67 6 cyl. Falcon, Fairlaine, or Comet and would include the Ranchero.

AL-116 fits Checker 1958-64 with OHV 6

VRF-324HD fits most Ford products from 1963-70's with alternator, ext. regulated

VR-699 (Wells) crosses to Standard VR-22 which fits various GM products from 56-62 with generator, 35 amps


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Thanks a lot John, for looking up the numbers.

You read the number correct on the pipe, I scribbled it on a piece of paper and miss read my own handwriting. That matches my memory for what I bought it for 35 or so years ago.

Stuff always has a better chance of selling if you can label what it fits.

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