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Where to Get Replacement Keys

Guest Jugster

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Been searching for one of those little 13" running board toolboxes for over a year, now and recently got lucky on ebay.

It looked to be in pretty good shape in the online photos and when it arrived, it was almost perfect, needing only stripping and repainting. Only problem is (and the seller was up front about it), the key to the brass lock was lost decades ago.

I'm wondering whether any of you might know of a store with a name like Keys-R-Us or 1-800-KEYS or keys.com that can supply such an antiquated key.





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I have a ton of keys that may work, but without the box and keys together, it's gonna be tough see if I have one that fits. A locksmith shop may have some older skeleton keys to fit. Go to the phone book and look for the oldest shop. Is there a name on the lock? Looks like it takes a flat key. I suppose I could send you all of my flat keys for you to check them. John


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If the box is locked and you are just trying to get it to open usually a bit of jiggling around with a bent paper clip will open them.... key word being "usually".

That's how I open those without a key.

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Guest Al Brass

They are a very simple lock and anyone with a little mechanical knowledge could look inside and see what shape the flat key should be. Failing that, a locksmith should be able to make one easily. They are quite like old suitcase keys/locks.


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