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ROA patch?


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While I was at the last ROA Meet in Branson I was hoping to buy a couple of the patches also. Ray Knott advised me that they were sold out, and that he did not expect they would reorder any because it took years to sell the ones they had. Evidently you and I are the only members that want one... :)

If you can get one from Jim that will probably be your best bet.

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AS-I'm planning on wearing my ROA patch loud-n-proud. I sent Jim some $ and a SASE today...hope to get the patch soon. About 15 years ago I started collecting patches from car clubs I'd joined and racetracks I'd visited. As the years went by, I sewed them on the small backpack I carry to events. Today...that backpack the coolest momento...like an old friend. It was definitely in need of the ROA patch though. PRL

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They may not be the greatest sellers, but they are definetly handy to accessorize hats, T's, jackets, or whatever, and they also promote the ROA at just about any event you may happen to attend - nearly everybody notices my ROA black, embroidered, cloth patches !

Perhaps we might convince Ray to reconsider a re-order in a smaller quantity, so they sell out sooner, but smaller quantities is probably not as economical.

(...sooner or later Jim's secret, private stash will run out, then what ?)

Those ROA black, embroidered, cloth patches will then gain 'collector' status, and any of us fortunate enough to have some of them squirreled away, can get filthy rich, by asking exhorbitant prices for them on 'evilBay' - and soon, bogus, counterfit, poor quality, copies will start appearing from everywhere, and flood the market !! LOL :D

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