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Battery level in storage


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Guest billybird

I have used a device called The Battery Tender for 20 years and would'nt consider anything else. This device is engineered so that you can hook the battery up to it and forget about it. I have had mine hooked up before for months at a time. No problems. A lot of people sell them, but the first place that comes to mind is Eastwood Co.

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Second the Battery Tender. Google it and you'll find places that sell them cheaper than BT itself does. I have a four-port that does a creditable job on me Oldsmobiles though I have learned (the hard way, natcherly) to check electrolyte level about once a month in hot weather.

You can also get them single port and double port, though I think the 6v comes in single port only.

Automotive - Batterytender.com

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I have been using Battery Tenders for over 10 years now on all my collector vehicles.

If you are coming to Fall Hershey next week no doubt some vendors will be selling them there as well. FYI, there are also accessories made for Battery Tenders. The 25 foot extension cable comes in handy if one needs a longer cord. I use the 25 ft cord when I have a car in my trailer that I want to keep charged. I also use a 25 ft cord for the trailer's batteries (brake & winch). Using these cords lets me keep everything charged and keep the Battery Tender units inside the garage where they stay warm and dry.

You can find more information about Battery Tender units at: Battery Tender - Home of the Battery Tender Jr. - Batterytender.com

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