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29/30 DA bumpers for sale

Guest 1930

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I have a set of DA bumpers, the rear bumper is full guard bumper, I have never seen this bumper for sale anywhere as long as I have been doing DA.

It is the correct bumper for any DA that has side mount spares. ( Actually there were slight variances in length according to body style but the differences are very minimal and are only within the center attaching bar legth which could be changed by adding or subtracting the bow )

I luckily found this same bumper a few years back for my own car but it had to be shipped from Uruguay.

The bumpers both have a visible amount ( traces ) of original chrome still on them but there is also shallow pitting as well. All the original hardware is there and un-touched. One medallion is in very poor condition and the other is in even worse. I can supply new medallions if wanted.

On a scale of 1-10 considering their age I would rate the bumpers at a strong 7.

I will put these on e-bay eventually but I am in no rush and figured I would offer them here first.

The bumpers have been sitting in dry storage since 1961 according to the previous owner and the license plate on the rear bumper comfirms that.

They are equal in condition to the bumpers I am using on my own car.

The bumpers are not going to be sold cheap but if anyone is interested they can e-mail me at jhason2@yahoo.com.

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Medallions are on all the bumpers regardless of type or location, attached to the center of the bumpers, its the little thingy in the middle of the bars running vertcally to the horizontal bars. Is this more clear? If not I can send you a pict.

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Here is an old post I had made, at the time I was not sure of what was correct, the second page last pict. top row shows the correct medallions and backer plates for DA bumpers. These are the only sets I have ever seen personally on these cars myself.

Originally the front medallion was chrome plated, one in the center of the front bumper and one in the center of each split bumper in the rear if that is what you have.

Of course if you have the full bar on the back than it would mimick the front.


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