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Riviera Bumpers


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Well it's time to thin out the spare parts a bit.

1. '65 Riviera rear bumper complete with lights, brackets, and harness. Chrome is flaking and some rust. $100 plus actual shipping.

2. '64 Riviera front bumper with gaurds. Couple of dents and a little bent but definately a good core for rechroming. $50 plus actual shipping.

Pictures to come later.

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Not great pictures but best I could manage till the weekend when I have some daylight to work with.

The taillights look to be in decent shape, could use a polish for sure and there is some pitting/"outcroppings" but overall pretty nice. Didn't look terribly close but the lenses look to be fine.





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They aren't show quality for sure. I've not removed them from the bumper but a look at the visible shows them to be kinda dull with light pitting and some "outcroppings" sticking up. I don't really want to seperate them from the bumper itself though.



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i can replate them for you die cast is my thing 125 each you can see at JR CUSTOM PLATING
Good as a refference since I might need to get some '64 lower grills and tailight beezles redone, these are totally surplus to me so I'm not really going to put any more money into them.

If you also do the bumpers feel free to give me a quote and I'll list it in the eBay auction that's the next stop for these things.


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