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help! dead panel


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Driving to work this morning my check enging light came on as well as electrical problem. Then the speedometer went to "0" and the fuel gauge, clock. The radio was loud and the screen black.......finally got to work, radio screen came back on, thank heaven, and I turned it off....unable to access any other screens.....so, guess my big question is....what happened???? Couldn't get in the building fast enough to email you all!! As always, thanks in advance for all you do to help me....you guys are fantastic!


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Sounds like the ignition switch slipped and you went into RAP (retained auxilliary power) - what keeps the radio and wipers going when you turn the key off and open the door. Might try turning the key a little toward start (but not enough to engage the starter) - could help if it is the switch but if a wire burned through, probably not.

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Guest Mc_Reatta

May turn out to be a bad BCM but there are some things that should be checked first.

I'd start with the fuses that power the BCM, CPS and the CRTC and CRT.

RAP power is working as it showed the radio screen after engine was turned off.

Could also be a bad connection between the BCM, IDP and the CRTC.

Check of battery connections and state of charge in the battery should be checked also just in case.

Fuses # 1, 5, 8, 9, 10, 19.

When you turn key back to run, does CRT come back so you can enter diagnostics?

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Well, never fails, just like taking a kid to the doctor....when they get there they are fine! Got in the car and turned the key, and presto-chango, the lights are all on! No check engine light, no electrical problem light! BUT, still gonna check the things you guys mentioned....hope it's something simple like a new battery!

As always, sure appreciate your help....

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