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1941 Buick Special Spare Tire Holder

Guest RileyUSMan

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Guest RileyUSMan


I am looking for the (Left Side) metal bracket that holds down the spare tire. It's the bracket that bolts to the trunk floor.


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Guest RileyUSMan

HELP - I still need one of these parts:

Example In the picture - It's the metal bracket "tire hold down" bolted to the trunk floor near the hub cap.


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Well, I found my spare, but now I need to verify that I still have the original one for my car! (It's currently in pieces being reconstructed from an accident)

This will take some significant digging, so let me know if I need to continue the search. Doug Seibold will certainly know if that part is unique to the '41. In your picture, the "tip" looks like it is formed at a more severe angle than it is on the '38.

I'll hold off on the search unless you tell me you are stuck.


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Hey, just trying to help!!

I, personally, am not familiar with the '41's, but I did manage to remember there was someone looking for a '41 spare tire hold down.


A lot of items on eBay are incorrectly listed...

...these folks are trying to make ends meet!!!..

Which I can relate to...

But they don't do enough research!...Typical!!

I have repeatedly offered my help, but, no takers to date.

I must admit, I do not know all, but my years of loving old cars, Woodies in particular, and my age can help, if I can remember!! LOL

Cheers, Mike...just trying to help keep it accurate, here & there!!!

And help if I can!!

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