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Got this car out of a feild with a very friendly donkey. took almost six hours to get it out of the mud. The owner of the feild said it had set there for five years. His brother parked it there and it ran fine. the oil was very clean. I thought it would be all slugged up then I pulled the valve cover and suprise. what oil should we use to keep it this clean?







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I am sure this info is located someplace in one of many oil debate threads. I am sure ya know what is showing on top is not necessarily what's inside, since you have gone this far why not take it down, check it and replace gaskets and freeze plugs. Just my .02

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BTW that is pretty clean, bet ya find more good news taking her down. I got my 65 when it was 9 years old, always taken care of, but found white/gray garbage in valve covers, result of short trips and cold oil changes. When I pulled the pan, it was like scraping latex paint out of the bottom, same white/gray gunk.

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