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What to check on a 1914 B-37


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I am going to check out a 1914 B-37 this weekend. From the photos it looks

very complete and fairly original. With a very old repaint and original(disintigrated) leather uhpolstry. Any help on what to look out for on this particular car? The starter has been repaired, rear axle seals replaced and the brakes relined. It has an electric fuel pump but I believe the vacuum tank is still in place. The owner said that they run and drive it a bit but has never attempted to take it out of first gear! Just down the street or around the block. He said he doesn't feel comfortable about double-clutching.

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From the time posted it looks like you have a whole week to gather comments. I am no expert on this year, but you should hear from quite a few others. My one thought is below.

I guess I would be a bit concerned about only driving in low gear. Is the owner going to let you take it through all the gears, as I assume you will test drive it?


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