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My first restoration project....

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My car - 1941 Pontiac Torpedo 8cyl 4dr Silver Streak (Either custom torpedo, or torpedo deluxe haven't quite pinned that down, leaning towards deluxe) Has quarter windows front and back. 26,539 miles, interior just needs cleaning, plus there's a little bit of rust showing on the dash board, but not much.

I'm hoping for some guidance/advice, as this is my first project.

I had the car started a few years ago a couple times, so it'll start. my first plan is to change the fluids, and do a brake overhaul. I found a kit on kanter.com for $198 with shoes and wheel cyl kits for all four tires, a master cylendar kit, and 3 brake hoses.

After the i get the brakes done, i think the next step will be the fuel lines. i also spotted some hoses to the heater core/radiator under the front seat i would like to replace.

Then i'll go for spark plugs and wires, and a battery. Tires will follow, then it should be ready for the road right?

Body work will come last, as it isn't the best, but for 70 years not restored, it's in pretty good shape if you ask me. i found a dent and a weird scratch on the passenger rear fender, but it's not terrible. There's one spot rusted through about 2 inches in diameter in the passenger front quarter near the door.

Not sure when i'll really be able to start this process, due to money, but will be looking to through a piece at it here and there. I'm hoping by next june to atleast be able to have it with new brakes and fuel lines getting into the electronics.

Any suggestions would be very helpful











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Great looking car. Understand which part of owning an old car appeals most to you and then enjoy, enjoy, enjoy. If you just like driving it, then make it safe to drive and don't worry with anything else. If you like restoring cars, then do it at a pace you can sustain and have fun. I constantly find myself making my car 'work' and not fun. Fortunately my wife reminds me and I go back to having fun.

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Thanks Luv2Wrench, my first goal is road worthy, then i will decide from there. yes i eventually want a "beautiful" old car, but this was the first car i bought 11 years ago, and i don't wanna ruin it, so i don't know... part of me wants to fix it, and sell it, and get more projects, part wants to keep it forever.

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I like to play and put them together, then drive when they are perfect. 30 months for the first one. Now I'm playing with two at the same time, depending on parts and work demands. They will all be keepers. My grandchildren already have theirs picked out, but it will be at least 10 years before any of them drive.

Richard's Cars

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Nice cars Richard. I had a 1988 735i at one point. But it was an unfortunate victim of my step-dad's F-150 parking brake failure - twice. totally screwed up the rear passenger quarter panel. i had to sell it cause my "parking spots" on his and my mom's 10 acre parcel were becoming no longer available. i would at some point like to get another BMW, maybe a 01-03 7 series.

I've also been thinking, a '49 pontiac streamliner coupe, would make a pretty nice driver upgraded everything.

I guess i have too many hopes, and dreams. not enough money to go with them. i need to get a better paying job, apparently.... or less family obligations

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This looks like a car which might have THAT smell. If it does, don't touch the interior. THAT smell is one of the most nostagic features of old cars.

it does have a SMELL. i like it. the fiance hates it thinks it needs cleaned. she claims "it needs to be ripped out and replaced, the car totally redone, and seat belts installed before she rid es in it." i tell her i guess i have a way to get a bunch of free time. the most i'll do to that interior is vacuum it, and maybe have it cleaned gently.

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