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1941-1942 Buick

Guest Lt Morty

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Guest Lt Morty

I want to be a Bucik owner. Can anyone help me with this?

I have had different WWII Dodges and have a 1944 Ford Gpw, but over the last years i've grown an interest in prewar Buicks. Just love them...

My dream is to find a 1942 Buick with the big engine. I'd love to have one with a sedanette style rear end, but it's not a must. Century?

So my question goes out to You that have a good running 1942 Buick with very little / no rust, that You don't use as often as You would like. Do you want to sell? I promise to give it a good home, TLC and company in the garage from other war time era vehicles.

I've had ads in this forum earlier and have been offered two nice two-door coupes - not what i'm looking for. And one nice gentleman that considered to sell a nice Special, that didn't want to sell after all. And two Buicks a bit out of my price range... But I'm still looking. Yes, i've seen the series 90 for sale, but i'm looking to spend a little less money and don't want a car that's that long.

I prefer a car that has not been repainted, or not been repainted later than in the 50's as i'm looking for an all steel car. Preferably from a dry state. Rust and bondo is a no deal. An ok interior is a pluss but doesn't need to be new. A good strong engine without knocking and smoke is ofcourse interesting. But hey, who wouldn't want a car like this? I would.

After Jaxedmash isn't allowed to link to Craigslist my search is less effective...If anyone see a nice Bucik for sale, please let me know. I might have missed the sales ad.

If You have such a car for sale, please email to: bjerkhaugatyahoo.no

Thanks in advance


telephone: 0047-47398408

Oslo, Norway

Member of Buick club of Norway

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