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65 Riviera Kerb Weight Proof from Manual


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hi there,

I was told today that I need to:

a) get a weigh bridge ticket, or

B) produce some original documentation proof of the kerb weight

I have looked thru my copy of the (1.5 inch thick) 1965 Chassis Manual index and can't find any documentation of the car's kerb weight.

Does anyone know which Manual this would be in?

I am allowed to produce a copy of the car's Kerb Weight from the original "books" as proof of its weight for registration purposes (and save $50 on getting it weighed).

is there a different Manual with this sort of info for 65 cars aside from the Chassis Manual? would it be useful to have? in the meantime, can someone please provide a copy of the relevant page showing the official kerb weight?

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I assume that you need it in an "official" GM publication.

I have checked the 1965 Chassis Service Manual, the 1965 Preliminary Chassis Manual, the 1965 Body Service Manual, the showroom brochure, owner's manual, and other pieces of literature that I have. I found it on page 118 of the Standard Catalog of Buick, Third edition, 1903-2004. The curb weight of a 1965 Riviera is 4,036 lbs. Seventy Years of Buick, page 296, quotes the same.

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Thanks for that info! I appreciate you checking all those sources. Interesting that itk's not in anything that was available to buyers at the time...

Yes, I need it from an official publication.

Sorry to ask, but do you have a scanner or fax that you could use to send me a copy of the relevant page?

If so, my fax # is +61265841489 or email andrewpl0wright AT yah00 d0t. C0m

I'll try to track down the 65 Body Service Manual - I knew there was another Manual aside from the Chassis Manual.

Thanks again

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