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Buick's at Las Vegas B-J Auction


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'54 Skylark for $40K?

I knew the values had dropped, but that sounds cheap!

'59s went for $6K (sedan) and $55K for the lightly modified convertible.

It looks like the Skylark was the bargain of the whole sale. I can't believe the two slightly more contemporary Buick convertibles sold for more.

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For the January auction, I noticed they have a '39 Roadmaster Indy pace car phaeton, but if you read the language it never says it really was a pace car, apparently just restored to look like one! There is a picture of the real '39 on pg 56 of Standard Catalog of Buick (3rd ed.), looks like the real car had body color wheels, not red; did not have side mounts; and had Firestone wide whitewalls, not blackwalls like the auction car.

Why don't they just say the car for sale at B-J is a tribute or replica? Be honest!!!

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