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Buried Under a Mountain Of Work

Guest shadetree77

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Guest shadetree77

Wow..:eek:..this hobby/obsession of ours can get a little overwhelming at times.

Paint Oil and Trans Pans

Paint Bell Housing Covers

Sand Inside of Oil Pan

Clean Push Rod Cover

Clean And Paint Pipe Clamps

Clean Old Gasket Glue Off Valve Cover

Clean Top Of Cylinder Head

Clean Push Rod Area

Clean Crank Shaft Area

Clean Transmission Screen

Drain Torque Converter

Prime New Lifters In Marvel

Install New Lifters

Install New Push Rods

Re-assemble and Install Oil Pump

Install Oil and Trans Pans

Install New Speedo Cable

Re-assemble and Install Rocker Assembly

Empty Oil Filter Can and Install New Filter

Fill With Trans Fluid And Oil

Adjust Lifters and Check For Proper Oiling

Install Push Rod Cover

Install Valve Cover

Paint Master Cylinder

Install Master Cylinder

Bleed Brakes

That's just an excerpt from my ever-growing list of stuff to do. I'm not even fully re-building her yet! I'm just trying to get it to the point where I can drive her for awhile before the real restoration begins! I need me a team of guys to do some of the work so I can get it done in about two weeks just like on all those shows on TV. Don't you hate how they make it look so easy and fast? Then you get finished watching one of those shows and you're all fired up to "git er' done" as they say around here, go out to your garage, and it ends up taking you a whole day just to clean up an oil pan or something?:D

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I can feel your pain...it is so true. I had a list of 104 items I needed to do before I could even take my car out of the driveway. And the fun part is figuring out what order the list of tasks need to be done in, which is even more challenging, since there is not an assembly manual available on what order things need to be put back together in. We Buick owners are a thinking lot..:)

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Guest Silverstreak41

i feel ya. i'm un-experienced and just making my list. i hope my list is complete. man if only someone lived in northwestern lower michigan and would stop by... lol

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Just yesterday I turned my church bulletin into a a to-do list and then used the remaining space to sequence wing-glass reassembly in my '36 RM. Yes, the lists are overwhelming and when you're driving nails into wood and clinching rivets on window channels, sequence does matter. Oh, and don't forget that little strip of metal that has to be woodgrained before the new window channel gets riveted. I should have just listened to the preacher.

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Hey, I have 6 Buick Woodie projects going on at the same time!!

If I run into a problem on one, there is always something I can do on another one.

Some problems seem to vanish with time, or perhaps I read something here that gets me off the stopping point on one of them.

It is all good!!

Buicks are forever, and Buick Woodies even more so!!

Thanks so very much, and keep the info swirling around, Mike

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