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Window handles

Guest 36chev

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Any clues as to what these handles will fit? The links go to the pictures:

Window handle front

Window handle back cast on back 6B 4151869

Quarter window handle front

Quarter window handle back cast on back 1C 4151868

This was with a Chevrolet emblem (going to send ID request about it as soon as get picture), so is that a clue?

Thanks in advance--hoping to sell these at Hershey.

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That makes sense--the emblem in another ID thread was from a 55-57 Chevy, and I also have a firewall body plate from a 55 Chevrolet car.

One would think as common/popular as the mid 50's Chevrolets are I should know, but I'm a whole lot more familiar with 1930's and earlier cars. Knowledge of 1950's and later cars is just one the the many areas of my ignorance:o.

Does anyone want these for the cost of shipping?

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