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Last production X Frame - question


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Hoping to find a historian, author, mechanic, or simple enthusiast who may know the answer to this question.

I know what the first X frame use in a American automobile was and even know the first use in Europe several years earlier. But, what was the "last" use of the X frame in a production vehicle? As far as I know the last in America was the Checker Taxi in 1982.

I have run across the Honda S2000 that shows what they call a "x-bone" frame which is a bit of a stretch but still... it can be intragrated into the platform, a seperate X, tubular X, backbone X (as long as both ends fork out), and can include trucks and military vehicles. Honda also has an active patent last registered in 2010 for a conventional 1950s style X frame design for SUV use but as far as I know haven't implemented it yet.

Any help appreciated!

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I always wondered if the Avanti should be considered production after 1963 (the non Studebaker Stephen Blake models) or as kit cars?

I don't ever remember seeing one of the later Avanti's on the road.

The 1987 onwards models were basically kits using a GM and Ford chassis.

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