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FS Porsche 356 fuel tank

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This tank was an auxiliary tank in a customized 1951 Lincoln Cosmopalitan convertible built in Arizona in the late 50's The car has been in use in Arizona until I acquired it last month Augest 2011 I don't need the tank and have removed it from the car. It is a high vent type probebly suitable for mid and late 50's Porsche 356 A S.W. fuel guage sender has been relocated rearward and to the pass. side. The outlet has also been relocated to the drivers end from the middle of the tank floor. Other than that the tank is clean, black in color and dent free. The cap shows a small amount of surface rust on top. A nice KARCO fuel cock is included. The sale of the tank will help me purchase some new tires for the car. I hope to have some photos of the tank, cap and cock posted here tommorrow Wednesday. I want $250 for the tank, cap and cock. Shipping additional at actual cost. Thanks for your patiance. John Worden

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See photos of tank, cap and fuel cock. The sender is a 12 volt Stewart Warner. There is no rust in or on this tank. I mentioned earlier that the tank was dent free and that isn't true. There are some small ones in it. The nice thing about these tanks is that the fill opening is large enough to allow you to reach into it for cleaning or other work. I don't believe these tanks are reproduced. Can anyone use it? Thanks. PM me if interested or to ask questions. John Worden







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