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Quebec 3 1921-1924


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There does not seem to be much information available on the various types of disc wheel and who made them. The most well known are Disteels - Disteel - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - which look similar to this car but have 10 studs around the rim where this car has eight. Disteel did quite a lot of advertising in the 1918-20 era.

Several makers did their own disc wheels - Nash, Studebaker, Chevrolet etc - although I guess they were made by outside contractors.

I have a 1926 Pontiac fitted with disc wheels - seems they were an option from mid 1926 to 1929. As the Pontiac shares many chassis parts with the contemporary Chevs I presume they are the same as Chev ones. These big maker wheels all appeared some years later than the Disteels and others. Disteels began in 1918. Can't find any info on Tuarc wheels though.

Seems time for someone to do a history of the various component suppliers of that era. An example is all of the foundries that supplied castings to the big makers like GM before they had their own foundry.

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It is always hard to date Hudson cars from this area, as the changes they made are very slight. The car in the picture is a 24.

The most noticeable change from 1922-23 is that all of the earlyer Hudson made cars had a two peice windshield.

The car is an early 24. Later in the year they changed the fenders to a overlay stlye with more of a crown and the splash aperons were changed from vertical to angle out more towards the runing boards. Then in early 25 they changed the front windshield pillars to a much more slender look.

I love thoses disc wheels, and I have also never seen a Hudson with thoses style of disc's


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