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Positive and Negative ground


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Hi Guys,

I have been wondering this for the past few days, can you use electrical components that are meant to have a negative ground in a positive ground application? I asked my mechanic friend and he had no idea so I thought someone on here might know.

Thanks in advance, Tristan.

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Depends on the component. An old fashioned DC motor will work just fine but the modern ones with permanent magnets will run backwards. Anything with a solid state component (diodes, transistors, etc.) is polarity sensitive unless it has been built specifically to be insensitive.

Since nearly everything modern has solid state components in it, the rule of thumb should be to assume it is polarity sensitive. It is sometimes possible to hook up a component using an isolated ground to work around the issue.

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Thanks for that guys,

The reason I ask is because I know on some of the road trips undertaken by some people could get quite boring. So I was thinking of creating sort of like a removable stereo (head unit and 2 speakers) that could sit on the passenger seat or the floor just to break up the engine noise and road noise. Just wondering whether it would work.

Thanks, Tristan.

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All you need is a battery powered dock Basically self contained with built in amp.

Try a Goggle search.

There are a zillion options

Look at Cnet for reviews.

Quality varies test before you buy to see just which supplies the sound quality you want.

I think you'll be surprised just how good some of them are.

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Here is a typical cheap AM FM radio/CD player. It will work on 6 C cell batteries but will work just as well on 6 volts off your car battery.

Coby MPCD471 Portable MP3/CD Player with AM/FM Radio and USB Port: Amazon.ca: Electronics

There are other designs including "retro" styles that will fit in better with your car's style. Your local shops should have a variety to choose from.

If you are handy you should be able to add a plug to plug into your cigarette lighter and a bracket to hang it under your instrument panel.

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