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looking for info on '25 Hupp

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Comming home from work the other night, saw my neighbor 2 doors down working on an old car. (I was rather excited since I thought I was the only one who was into old cars in the area.)

Turns out it is a 1925 Hupp 2 door sedan. He plans to make it into an open car since the roof is gone - not completely keeping with design, but at least he isn't going to make it into hot rod - and get it working for 4th of July next year - a "grandkid hauler"

I am not much of a Hupp person, but know some about 1920's cars & offered to help. He is an older guy without much $$ (aren't we all?) & no computer. The car looks like it was once cream with black fenders & cream wood wheels. He is looking for a color picture to get some ideas of what it should look like, and colors to paint it.

Any info would be appreciated.


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Ok in the Hupp club roster there are over 100 Hupp Model R's and NO 2dr sedans. Before your friend starts to modify this car, could you look at the steering colum before it goes under the dash for a plate attached to the colum for the letter R and several numbers. I thought it was very strange that I looked at pic of R 's and saw roadsters, open touring & closed 4dr sedans, very few 3dr, but NO 2dr Sedans. If possible please post a pic of this car.

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That is interesting...it is possible that this body was modified a very long time ago. He found where the driver's side of the vehicle has about half an inch of wood added to it between the frame and body - possibly to make it match the height of other side??

Bad news for the curious; as of yesterday, what was left of the body was off of the frame - except the front cowl. He obviously has more time on his hands than I do...

Now I know where the numbers are hiding, I will look & let you know.


P.S....thanks for the pic. Very nice looking automobile.

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