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B-U-I-C-K letters & Upper Seat belt guides

Guest Kitskaboodle

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Guest Kitskaboodle

Hi all..I have a full set of tail light letters for sale. :)

They are in very good condition!

The chrome shines very well.

I would rate these a solid "7" on a scale of 1 to 10.

(some tiny scratching if you look closely but overall very nice!)

These are getting hard to find, especially in good condition!

All yours for $25.00 + shipping. :)

Also, I have an awesome pair of seat belt retractor guides. (upper / grey color)

It is very difficult to find these without cracks and/or broken pins!

Mine had one partially broken pin (out of the whole pair) but I fixed it. :)

What I do is drill a very small pilot hole in each part of the pin and insert a

metal pin/rod between them and then glue it back together. I have done this before and they seem to hold up fine. (these pins are vey fragile in the first place!) Overall, a very nice pair and they are super clean and ready to install!


Thanks, Kit

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Guest Kitskaboodle

These came off a 90 Maui blue coupe.

Hmm... I didnt know there were different shades between the years.

These certainly appear to be a very light grey.

Thanks, Kit

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