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i need assistance with a starter on a 1925 stutz fire engine model k3 4 cylinder,i cant find any information like a manual,or parts breakdown,ive done all kinds of starters but this is new to me.i unbolted the main body bolts but it the head of the starter will rotate but will not separate. please any info would be helpful,also any info about the 4 cyl engine would be helpful.after cleaning we found a tag on the starter it is a westinghouse(westinghouse starting & lighting co. from spingfield,mass. ser.#331230

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Guest noncompos

If that's produced by the Stutz Fire Engine Co of Indianapolis, the engine's probably a Wisconsin...but first determine what engine you have (if you're lucky there'll stilll be a makers tag attached, usually to the block somewhere, or it could be on the body tag, if that's still there...

Once you learn which engine you have, you'll know who to ask...Wisconsins often had the name embossed on valve/inspection covers on the sides of the block.

Mroz's truck book says the fire engine co didn't start using its own 6cyl until 1926, so the four almost certainly came from one of the vendor engine builders.

Let us know what you find.

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Guest noncompos

Got your email; replying here as comptr ill, won't email tonight.

You got the right info despite me--I'd forgotten these engines came with an asstmt of ign, carbs, starters per customers specs...

You'll want to REPOST this on the Stutz forum here, something like"Need help with Westinghouse starter on Baby Stutz K3 Wisc?? engine".

ALSO repost on General Forum (look at the numbers of posts etc--it's the greatest exposure) using SAMEa heading but just saying "Please see my post in the Stutz forum" in the body of the post...naming Stutz, Westinghouse and Wisconsin will catch the attention of Stutz people AND the Westinghouse electricals people AND the Wisc engine people--hopefully someone'll solve your problem. (Westinghouse electricals were almost certainly used on many other makes besides Stutz).

There's also stutzclub.org--don't know if they include the fire trucks, since it was a separate compny, but wouldn't hurt to check.

Can't get into Google, but another one-lung search engine found another 1925 K3 at the LA County Fire Museum (clafma.org) altho there might've been engine changes with theirs.

Mroz's truck book says fire trucks were quite successful, but my stuff omits most specialty vehicles; if no replies come in ID'ing engine you can post another question covering that, mentiioning the "S", which could be a foundry ID. Good luck.

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