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1938 90-L and a 1938 81-F on Ebay now

Pete Phillips

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The production numbers are incredibly low: 410 of the Limited model 90-L formal limousine; 247 of the model 81-F Roadmaster formal sedan. To see one is an amazing stroke of luck. To see both on the same day, in separate listings on ebay, is just unbelievable! If you like late 1930s Buicks, take a look. This doesn't happen very often. One of these comes up for sale once in a blue moon. Two of them at the same time--knock me over with a feather!

Pete Phillips, BCA #7338

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Pete, the 81F has been for sale on Craigslist for a while and this is the second round on eBay, but with a lower Buy it now price than before. It was also featured in the Nov 2005 Torque Tube. Here is a link to that magazine.


From an authenticity stand point I can find little wrong with it from the pictures (aside from sealed beam headlight conversion and the knobs on the rear seat lighters and maybe a few lines run a little weird under-hood), and all are easily correctable. It needs some TLC, but looks complete and is very very rare. I'd like to buy it, but it is not in the cards financially at this time. If someone here does snag it please let me know. It would be great to have this car in Charlotte for the 75th anniversary event for 36-38 Buick's at the 2012 BCA National. Here is the eBay ad Buick : Roadmaster | eBay

On the Limited 90L, I can tell from the valve cover it is a very late 38 as it only has two studs for the valve cover and is missing the middle one, this was a factory late year change. It's missing a spark plug cover and has something weird going on for the heater line entering the water pump and by pass valve. It's missing a temp gauge, but like the 81F a lot of the hard to find things are there and in decent shape. Like the 81F it needs some TLC, but again it looks to be all there aside from the above. Here is the link Buick : 90 Limited | eBay

Would like to have this one in Charlotte for 2012 too.

Both are supposed to have a mahogany steering wheels which are commonly but incorrectly changed to ivory as was done with the Limited. Only the 38 Specials had an ivory steering wheel. Ivory generally looks better in my opinion and probably in the opinion of many which is why they are changed so often.

Both appear to be good project cars or just buy and drive them as is.

The Limited is about 4 hours from me, if someone is really interested I could be persuaded to go look at it.

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