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What's this large bronze Zenith carburettor off?

Craig Gillingham

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I've been trying for a while to find out what sort of car this Zenith carburettor was used on. Or even if it is for a car, or a truck, engine, boat? And if it is a European or American Zenith.

It has a 42mm throat, but no model number stamped on the body. Just the number 58 stamped in a couple of places, which I think is the serial number. Zenith is stamped on the manifold flange in small letters as well as on one jet.

I think the choke may have fitted around the inlet and turned, which sits above the fuel bowl, but is now missing. It has been sitting some place moist or salty, and is very rusty, and the steel parts aren't in very good condition.

It's about 8" high, the fuel bowl is about 3" in diameter.

Any help or ideas would be great.




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