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I am getting ready to build a V-12, any advise?

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I have done a lot of investigating, I have learned a lot about these engines and all the shortfalls in the overall design. The engine I WILL build will be used as a daily driver and will likely be driven about 20K miles per year.

This is my plan so far, Please review this and tell me what you think and add anything I may not know about.

Thanks, Jamison.

1945 292CID V-12.

Using repair sleeves reduce the bore to the 2-3/4 size of the 267 engine but use a .040 over piston that will put my overall displacement at 275.1CID. ( still don't know for sure if the wrist pin is the same, Stroke is the same)

Valve reliefe, .050"

Aluminum pistons

Balance the rotating assembly

Replace the entire valve train with V-8 solid adjustable lifters, One piece guides, standard size valves, and have the cam reground as needed

HERE's the part that I am considering a drastic change on:

I plan to eliminate the oil pump all together, plug the hole, and use a Hydraulic pump mounted externally as an oil pump. Running two lines to either end on the engine and feeding oil from both ends of the crank so that neither end is starved.

I wonder if anyone has ever done anything like this to a V-12 before?

I will build custom headers to eliminate the restrictive manifolds.

Please, If you have any input I am very interested in what you think.

This engine is not intended for high HP output. I will be putting it in a '30 Model A pickup and driving it as a primary source of transportation.

Thanks for reading and Have a Great day. Jamison.

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Don't use solid Ford lifters unless you have the cam reground to operate solid lifters. The hydraulic lifter grind will wipe the lobes off the cam if used with solid lifters. Why not use the hydraulic lifters? I have put may thousands of miles on a couple of engines with no problem. Just keep the oil fresh and clean.

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