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OTC MONITOR 86 scan tool, GM adaptors only

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This tool has been sitting in my tool box since 1985. The manufacturer was attempt to convince GM dealers to purchase the for use in the shop. The dealership I was employed at was chosen for a demonstration unit. It was given to me to use and compare to the TECH I scan tool that was available through GM. It did not update data as often as the TECH I, making diagnosis of intermittent problems difficult. I haven't used this tool in years. It was working fine when it was put in my tool box many years ago. I can't be sure it is working now. I don't have a vehicle to test it. If you own an early to mid eighties GM car this can be of use to you. It is in excellent condition. The box and instruction manuals are included. No charge for the scan tool. I only ask that you pay actual shipping. Rick rln31455@yahoo.com



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