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Car Production Numbers. They Made How Many? 1922


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<SCRIPT type=text/javascript charset=UTF-8><!--//--><![CDATA[//><!--PDRTJS_settings_1332093_post_2675={"id":1332093,"unique_id":"wp-post-2675","title":"Car%20Production%20Numbers.%20They%20Made%20How%20Many%3F%201922","permalink":"http:\/\/timsweet.wordpress.com\/2011\/09\/14\/car-production-numbers-they-made-how-many-1922\/","item_id":"_post_2675"};//--><!]]></SCRIPT>It is 1922 and the car industry is moving right along. Small start-up car companies pop up here and there in the 1920′s.

Here is how they stacked up for 1922.

Top spot was Ford producing 1,147,028 cars.

Dodge was a very distant second with 152,653 car rolling off their assembly line.

Chevrolet ran in third place with 138,932 cars made.

And finish up the list were Buick with 123,152; Studebaker with 105,005; Williys-Overland with 95,410; Durant with 55,300 and finally Maxwell/Chalmers 44,811.

Total passenger cars produced were 2,274,185 with 269,991 truck being made.

Rickenbacker was a new upstart beginning production in 1922.

Durant produce a car priced at $319 . Ford reduced prices to $298.

Balloon tires were introduced.

Hey fuel gauges began being installed in dash in 1922.

1922-durant-star.jpg?w=200&h=1371922 Durant Star - An attempt to undercut Ford's prices

1922_rickenbacker.jpg?w=480&h=3601922 Rickenbacker 4 Door

I love this one:

1922chryslerpaneltruck.jpg?w=405&h=3181922 Chrysler Panel Truck

Thanks for reading.


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Just to inform...there was no such thing as a 1922 Chrysler passenger car or truck. Chryslers were not built until 1924.

Unfortunately Keith Marvin is no longer with us to argue about this, but he was one of the most rigorous automotive historians. In his self-publishedand probably unbound book "Cars of 1923" he listed the Chrysler as one of the top several cars in relation to bhp in proportion to piston displacement. ( The others were Duesenberg of course, The 4 cylinder F-head Essex which was shortly superceeded by the sidevalve 6, and the Lexington with its overhead valve Anstead engine. Definitly Chrysler production did not really start until 1924, but apparently in Keith's opinion there were enough already made in 1923 to classify them on technical merit.

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Interesting that Ford out produced all others put together.

Another thing most people don't know about 1922 is the number of V8 cars made at that time. More than 20 makes made V8s between 1915 and 1922.

What is more the straight eight was practically unknown. The straight eight Packard did not come out till 23 and it was the first mass produced straight eight. There were a handful of Duesenbergs and Isotta Fraschinis in 1921 but few had ever seen one.

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In late 1921 after being booted out for the second time from General Motors by the financiers, Durant started his own car company. Trying to compete with his old car company (GM) and Ford, he started the Durant Motors Automobile Corporation. Production started on the Durant in various models and a smaller cheaper car called the Star. This car was in direct competition to the Ford Model T but had a 3 speed transmission and electric starter. This car sold briskly. Later (1924) Durant offered a car to compete with Buick which was supposed to be the first Chrysler it was named the Flint after Durant's home town. Durant also bought Locomobile in 1922 after it went into bankruptcy. Production on the Flint, and Star all were done by 1928. Locomobile a bit later. Durant continued to be manufactured until 1931 when finally the Depression caught up with them. FYI

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