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1955 Century Front Seat Removal


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The left and right backrests can be easily removed and that will make the cushion easier to remove.

The side panels are held on with several phillips screws and removing them (VERY gently if they are plastic) will expose the hinge pin on the side of the seat. There is a "C" clip on the end of the pin that can be removed with a screwdriver and pliers. Also remove and save the washers and note what order they are placed. Tilt the back forward and the bracket will be easy to pull off the pin using your hands or (carefully) a big pry bar. Then tilt the back upward about 45 degrees and you can dislodge an inner pivot pin and remove the backrest. After removing both backrests there should be about four bolts per side holding the seat to the floor and the whole cushion can be removed from the car. Good luck, Todd C

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