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1950 Buick Super model 52 PARTS

James B. White

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In September of 2005 I bought this abandoned frame off project 1950 Buick

Super model 52, that is the big 4dr. the car is from Nebraska. I have had the

car parts stored in my garage. I just bought a 1950 Super 2dr.

after a discussion about which to restore with the Buick Club Advisor Bill

Stoneberg. His suggestion was to list the 4dr. on the club site before I try

ebay or some other sites. I have the title, and more pictures are available

Not all parts are there, but have a second car I can get some from. I need

some, and have sold some already.

I check emails / postings in the evenings after work. IF anyone want to buy

the whole car I'm asking $450.00 that's about the price for scrape metal.





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Guest ClubHabel

Hello. I have a 1950 Buick Special and am assuming the following part is the same size, shape, etc. I need the passenger door, vent window "escutcheon" ring. It should be round, silver and metal with the center of the ring being able to be pushed in (like its on a spring). I have the handle for the vent window that cranks it up and down, but need the silver ring that goes behind the handle and in front of/on the metal trim.

Do you have this and if so, how much?

I havent used this site in a while and am not sure if I can send you my direct email address, but will include it anyway.


John Habel

(443) 695-5627

Feel free to call or email me.

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