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Early Speedometer?

Guest Randy7

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Does anyone know where to get parts or a replacement for the 1919 Johns Manville style speedometer? I have two of them and they both have warped the bakolite or plastic mounting for the worm governor shaft and its locked up on the bottom bearing. The old plastic is so frail that it just breaks to look at it. Do any suppliers have a stock of them, or does any one here that would share?

Thanks Randy

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I do not have a phone number for Garyl Turley. Street address is: 1112 W. 34th Circle N, Wichita, KS 67204-4270. You might find the phone number in the White Pages. I know he has a number of early DB speedometers as a friend from Australia was here this summer and got a JM Speedometer from him and that he had a number of speedometers-350 as I recall.

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