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1928 desoto roadster

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Some people call those items top rests. I found something in my 1931 DB parts book where it says "cleats" (which is what those things sorta look like), but I am not certain if that is the part they are talking about since it's mostly a numbers book with not many photos.

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I think, not sure ,the 2 on each end secured the top ,maybe

I have seen a Chrysler with the "loops" on the top rests on each side, so you are correct. I don't think they all had those, but certain years and models. They're hard to see here, but this 1930 Chrysler has them. They are more like saddles, I guess.


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Maybe,otherwise,what does hold the top down?Seems like the way the outside rest were cut ,should have something in the top to attatch it to.I have not yet seen the top or bows.

There was a saddle shaped potmetal part that attached to the two outer cleats. They have slots for a leather belt to tie the top down.

These saddles were removable, so they got lost.

There should be a keyhole shape slot in each outer cleat. The bottom of the saddle has a permanent wide head flathead screw with a wave spring washer. When you put these on. you push down on the saddle to force the screw head through the keyhole, the push it to the narrow part of the keyhole. Then the spring washer keeps it snug.

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