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Chrysler Corp. wood supplier...


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Wow....spooky! A while back there was a discussion about the wood suppliers for the automobile companies in the 20s and 30s. I mentioned that my grandfather, Joseph Braun owned Braun Lumber Corporation in Detroit and I believed that he supplied the wood for the Ford Motor Company and was a good buddy of Henry Ford. Well, I was just sitting here looking for an old member of the WPC Club and thumbing through the 1983 roster for the club and I closed the book. As I was glancing over the cover looking at the brand new 1931 Chryslers, I noticed something that in all these years of looking at this book, I had never ever seen before. There, in the photo, across the street is the "BRAUN LUMBER CORPORATION" sign! I have to believe that the company also supplied Chrysler Corporation with their wood. I still have a beautiful copper and brass chandelier from grandpa's office at the lumber yard.


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