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Parting out 90 maui blue reatta


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Well after the problem with the head gasket the car was flooded up to the doors, filled the floor pan ruined the carpeting. The seats (not 16 way) are OK. The door panels are like a sponge on the back side. Trunk stayed dry. Pulled out the carpeting so it won't stink. Selling parts cheap it has to go. The windshield and hood are gone. Please let me know what you need. Car only had 107k on it. That litle creek to the left of the first photo became a raging river. Thanks











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Guest goldenrod5490

I am in va and have aquired an 89 reatta; do you have the weather stripping around the doors? also may need other parts; will know more after tinkering this weekend.

direct email is rkline@shentel.net; Thanks in advance.

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Guest Melita n stitch

Sorry for your loss. That stinks. I would be interested in a remote, wheel covers. Thanks

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