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Clum Etc Headlamp switches

Guest namvetschrysler

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Guest namvetschrysler

I think i said before on the forum that i have plenty of Clum headlight switch parts, but when i started to group them up to try and make one complete switch i found that there not enough of anything to make up one switch, ie. bits missing, broken etc.

i have parts for 1/14 dia , 2 inch , 21/4 inch models and some more

The ones i would like to rebuild are the clum 8821 and a similar type a Soren? Maingold.

I am thinking that someone may be in a similar situation to me and may need the bits i have and vice versa.

Please contact me is you are missing some parts for your switch or if you have parts i need ie, the short type brass lock piece and the steel part it locates into.


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