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I have caused myself quite a problem with my 67 GS 400


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I have my motor pulled and am replacing all gaskets and seals. When I removed the crank, I failed to notice how the rod cap bearings were fitted. Meaning, there is something called the tang and I don't know if I should match the top and bottom bearing tangs together or should the tangs be on opposite sides?

Hope this makes sense. I have had 2 different people tell ne two differenc things.


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Sometimes, with enough light and patience and some brake cleaner, you can see the machining marks on the bearing caps. Of course, the cap side will match the block side's markings, typically. Kind of the same thing as if you'd taken the caps off and not marked them.

One time, my a customer brought in a small block Chevy V-8 that he'd taken apart in his family's garage. His mother got tired fo the mess and put all of the little stuff in a box, trying to keep it all together. He didn't mark the main caps as he was going to put it all back together, so they were laid out in sequence of reassembly. Whoops!! So, careful study of the machining marks on the caps and the block were compared until the whole set of caps was "re-matched". You might be able to do that in your situation. This would, hopefully, result in answer in the "tangs together" or "tangs separated" issue.

My gut suspicion is that the tangs should not be on the same side, when assembled. In other words, one on each side when the connecting rod and rod cap are assembled.



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