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fault codes


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Red manual (90-91) starting on page 14-47.

Blue Manual (89) starting on page 14-24.

I am not aware of a build sheet (but i'm not the expert), but for 91 the only option was the CD player instead of the cubby. Four paint colors, two interior and soft top colors. Those were the only choices in 91 TC's.


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Guest pnsurfin

Codes are on page 14-24 in the multi-point fuel injection chapter.

Code 12 is menory standby power recently lost (recent battery disconnection)

Code 25 AIS motor drive circuit


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Guest Jim_McNally


You don't need a tool, you can turn the ignition key "on-off-on-off-on" rapidly and then watch / count the ABS/Brake lights flash to get the codes. The procedure is in the manual in the same section as the list of codes.


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