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FOR SALE- Very Nice 1927 Chevrolet Touring Car!

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Offered by Mary Rash, a 1927 Chevrolet Touring Sedan.

This beautiful car was completely restored before being purchased by the Rash’s a few years ago.

The Chevy was restored in its original Falmouth Grey colors

with matching black fenders.

This car is a show winner and needs to be seen to be appreciated.<O:p</O:p

Phone Mrs. Rash at 804-370-4941 <O:p</O:p







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We toured for many years in our 1927 Chevrolet Roadster.

It drove the 1990 Glidden Tour at Colorado Springs, and went up Pikes Peak in a snow storm. It also completed the 1992 Glidden in Lexington, Kentucky; the 1993 Glidden on the Del-Mar-Va Peninsula, the 1994 Glidden in Kerrville, TX, and the 1994 Vintage Chevrolet Club of America 4-cylinder Tour at Yellowstone Park (where we also celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary).

The Roadster body is a bit lighter than the Touring, but we more-than made up for it with carrying luggage, spare parts, and tools.

Our car was comfortable at 40 to 45 mph (and would go considerably faster when asked).

It came with (I believe) 4.11:1 rear axle ratio. Ours was a late production car, and came with what the purists call a "1928" engine. The primary differences were the enclosed pushrods and the cylinder head with two exhaust ports, rather than the exposed pushrods and the single exhaust port of the earlier 4-cylinder engine.

The 2-wheel brakes worked just fine when properly adjusted. They operate on a contracting external band, and in an emergency could be supplemented by the parking (emergency) brake which operates a pair of internal expanding shoes. you could lock-up the wheels, but remember that there is still a very small contact patch where the tires meet the pavement - this is true of most cars of the era. It was the following year that Chevrolet lengthened the wheelbase from 103" to 106" (prep for the 1929 6-cylinder), and added brakes to the front axle.

The 1927 Chevy, in my opinion, is a great driver where you can get into the early touring part of the hobby for relatively LOW-BUCKS, have a fun and dependable car with good parts-availability, and really great technical support through the VCCA as well as this forum. The '27 Chevy was a more advanced car when compared to the 1927 Ford which was the last version of the Model-T. This was also the first year that Chevy outsold Ford.

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