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48 Continental steering parts!

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Looks like I wil need to replace the tie rod ends and the drag link on mine!Ican get the Ford parts locally with no problem but wonder if they are the same as the Lincoln?I see the drag link assy has the same 3306 number as Ford but the first numbers are different,but the the ford shows 21A the LIncoln shows 26H?Sure would be nice if the parts interchanged!!SO many of the Ford parts are the same as the LIncoln!!ANy ideas??Thanks!

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I'd check with Merv Atkins for the post war parts. I am assuming the Lincoln parts are beefier built due to heavier Lincoln engine, axles, springs, wheels, tires grilles and front end sheet metal. Locate Merv under sources on LZOC web page. Click on his name. Good honest person to know. and deal with.

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